Kind of sisal rugs

Sep 19th
Sisal rugs are a textile to insulate your home to both cold and heat, being an adequate solution to look round. In our section Carpet will find plenty of options to dress your home soil, depending on your needs. Sisal rugs are made of plant fibers, a quality that makes them very fresh and ideal for summer. The origin of…
Rustic Round Braided Rugs

Sep 2nd
Handmade round braided rugs add a touch of color to the decor of a room. A well-made rug has quality fabric in her braid and can withstand many years of use by families and their pets. Often, braided rugs are one layer, but if placed on a smooth floor, must have a non-slip backing sewn on the back for safety…
Seagrass Rugs Soft

Aug 31st
A seagrass rug is an option natural soil, subtle found in many homes. These carpets vary in color from a light sage green to a deep olive green. Tightly woven construction and create a durable hard flooring option of long duration that remain intact for many years. For the maintenance and care of properly seagrass carpet. Vacuum the seagrass rug…
The Hand Knotted Rugs

Aug 30th
Hand knotted rugs, looking for something to blow your living room, or complement your furniture? You might consider adding a wool rug to decorate your home. Wool rugs are made of wool, either by hand or machine, and the wool is often mixed with other materials to make soft designs, with texture. Besides adding color and accentuate your home, wool…
flat weave rug blue

Aug 29th
Flat weave rugs - Carpets, pictures, fabrics and colors reflect the lifestyle of different cultures and the history of this time. Created by nomads as industrialists, they have served a practical, decorative and ritual use. There are thousands of species but here represent the majority of people from the East, making wool usually with nomadic tribes who took their animals…
Braided Rug Wool

Aug 28th
Make a braided rug is an easy and fun project for a rainy weekend day. If you want to learn how to enable this traditional craft, all you need is a pair of materials, time and instructions. Just have a little 'patience and follow these instructions. You will have a comfortable carpet in no time. The first instruction to make…
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