Nautical Porch Lights Book Review

Jan 23rd
Nautical Porch Lights with Camera
Nautical Porch Lights with Camera

When most people think of nautical porch lights they think of boats and the types of lights you might find near the mast or on the bulkhead. Boat lights don’t have to be reserve just for boats, however, as they can add an interest touch of décor in your home. Some obvious places for these types of lights would be outdoors, in beach houses and anywhere near a body of water.

For homes that follow an entirely nautical porch lights theme, which types of lights to use and how to use them depends a lot on the exact theme. If it’s a beach theme, fewer ship style lights are call for. But if there are definite high seas, mariner theme at work, and then the more ship style accessories, the better. A ship’s wheel at some point in the décor is perfect for a truly nautical theme. This can be mounting outside on the front of the home, or even on the door as a type of wreath.

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For the outside of a home, a bulkhead light makes a very vintage look porch light, especially if you put one on each side of the entryway. These lights should be brass in finish and very chunky. Typically, the brass mounts to the wall and then curves down or sticks straight out so that the bulb hangs from the fixture. And in keeping with nautical porch lights, the bulb should have a brass cage around it.

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