Making Linear Chandelier Dining Room

Jan 5th
Linear Chandelier Dining Room Vintage

Linear chandelier dining room adds soothing light and elegance to dining room. Although most of the chandeliers have round arches covered in lights, you do not need to conform to traditional. Modern design is linear chandeliers, chandeliers shaped like rectangles or straight lines instead of circles. This design works well in traditional decor and the eclectic or minimalist styles.


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Choose a location for your linear chandelier dining room. They look charming over tables, kitchen islands and dangling from the porch roof. Measure the length of your tree planting basket. Available at garden centers, you can get the rectangular filigree baskets in various sizes. Each rectangle longer than it is wide works for a linear chandelier.

Mark your roof over rafters with two dots placed the length of your basket. Drill into two spots with a 1/8 inch diameter drill. Find joists by knocking on the roof; studs will make a solid thud, not a hollow sound. Twist until the hook of each eye is level with the ceiling. Seats hooks in the rafters prevent the hooks from falling.

Grinding a black S hook on each end of each chain. Slip S hooks on the corners of your wire basket. Fill the wire basket with candles and white or cream. You can use battery-powered lights to avoid clutter or use real candles for a natural environment. Grip each chain in the middle and loop the middle link of each of an eye hook. The chains should form triangles at either end of the linear chandelier dining room.

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