How To Find Gabbeh Rugs

Feb 19th
Gabbed Rugs flower
Gabbed Rugs flower

Persian rug is the most famous worldwide. Depending on whether they were made by nomadic tribes or towns acquire different names. They are made by hand with natural wool, always knotted and dyed by hand. Geometric design predominates, although in some areas can be found vegetables and floral motifs. The quality depends on the number of nodes that carry the carpet. Turkish carpet: The area of the country’s most traditional carpet weaving in Anatolia, in fact, Marco Polo carpets from this region as the finest in the  –Gabbeh Rugs world spoke.

Usually have geometric patterns, colors of Gabbeh rugs typical of the Mediterranean area native and manufactured with supreme quality wool. They can carry up to 110,000 knots per square meter. Afghan rug is characterized by being produced not only wool but also horsehair. Another feature that makes them easily recognizable is the tone they use, and incorporating almost always dark primary colors, such as red.

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Pakistan Carpet: Carpets woven wool Gabbeh rugs yarn previously polished until a silk-like touch. Mimics almost every style, and wearing a knotted extremely careful process. The decorative motifs are men, plants and animals instead of the geometric style. Indian rug typical imitations of other typical models in other regions, but made with a not so expensive. Their names depend on the region from which they came, as “Indo Mir”, “Indo Gabbed” etc.Chinese rug: It dates back more than 2000 years. They are made in smaller sizes and warp the cotton threads are thinner than in other regions. It is also different because its decoration presents landscapes and religious reasons.

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