How Light Gas Fireplace Inserts

Jul 6th
New Gas Fireplace Inserts
New Gas Fireplace Inserts

Gas fireplace inserts offer the warmth of a fire inside, without the hassle of building, stoking and cleaning after a wood fire. Gas fireplaces feature a pilot light a small blue flame continues to burn, even when you are not running the main gas jet. Lighting the pilot and keep it burning is an easy task that requires a little finesse and patience.

Make sure the main control gas fireplace inserts are rotated to the open position. The parallel to the gas pipe when open race red knob. Locate the black with white print command that says “On”, “Off” and “Pilot” around the dial. Press the knob with his left hand and, while holding it in, turn up the dial is in the “Pilot” position. Hold down the left hand control throughout the rest of the process of enlightenment.

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Gas fireplace inserts, locate and press the knob with red on the right. The knob will click on. Look for a blue flame emanating from the pilot area, usually located near the front left burner when facing the fireplace. If there is no flame, release the button and wait five minutes to allow excess gas to clear the line. Press the command and try again.

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