How Gates Installed on Limestone Fireplace

Nov 3rd
Outdoor Limestone Fireplace
Outdoor Limestone Fireplace

Fireplace doors are an attractive and practical addition to any wood burning fireplace. Protect your home from ashes popping and let you let the fire burn itself out without worrying about potential dangers. Because it is harder than brick or limestone floors and must be drilled directly into the stone, installing doors on your limestone fireplace it can seem daunting. However, having the right tools for the job will make working with limestone child’s play.

Set lintel clamps the upper back of each door of the fireplace with a screwdriver and screws. Screw the floor brackets to the lower back of each door, again with the screws provided. Keep doors of the fireplace in front of the place where they will be installed. Use a marker to mark the floor of the limestone fireplace through the screw holes of the mounting floor. Mark the screw holes of the lower supports. Remove the door of the fireplace.

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Place a drill with a diamond-tipped drill, which cut through the limestone fireplace. Search marks screw holes in the ground. Drill a hole 2 inches down in each brand. Slowly drill into the limestone as an assistant continuously applies a small amount of water to the drilling area.

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