High Efficiency Wood Burning Fireplace

Jul 6th
Simple High Efficiency Wood Burning Fireplace
Simple High Efficiency Wood Burning Fireplace

Burning fire in your fireplace may seem like an easy way to heat your home, but most fireplaces are suffering from serious design flaws and wasting more energy than they produce. Building a new high efficiency wood burning fireplace with a design that reduces these imperfections and energy leaks can heat the space with less fuel and create less smoke. Some design ideas can be introduced into an existing fireplace, while others require new construction.

Russian fireplaces are special masonry heaters that use serpentine pipes to vent the exhaust fumes produced by the fire, according to mother Earth News. These compressed vent pipes to release most of the heat of the exhaust gas into the walls of the unit. Heat is often wasted by escaping through the chimney the fireplace but fireplaces offers the Russian fireplace serpentine system is far more efficient. Large quantities of stone and masonry is also used in the construction of these high efficiency wood burning fireplace, creating a heat sink better save and transfer the heat produced by the fire.

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Electric powered blowers may not work when the power goes out, but installing them on your high efficiency wood burning fireplace will improve its efficiency, while electricity is available. The Department of Energy says that heated air heat exchanger systems forces the warm air back into the room. Fresh air for combustion reaction is also taken more effectively with a heat exchanger system. Depending on the design of your existing chimney and style of heat exchanger system or fans you choose, it may be possible to retrofit an energy-wasting fireplace.

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