Fun Porch Swing Fire Pit

Jan 19th
Yard Porch Swing Fire Pit
Yard Porch Swing Fire Pit

Porch swing fire pit – Design a backyard with a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen and a dining area to entertain your family and friends. You can build a yard as an extension of your home or as part of your backyard landscape, some distance from the house. Design your outdoor kitchen for comfort with easy cleaning options and refrigerated beverage storage. Fire pits come in a variety of shapes and sizes, or you can custom build your own from bricks or cobblestones.

Determine where to place porch swing fire pit based on the proximity to your home and to the outdoor kitchen. Determine where to place the fire pit based on proximity to your home and outdoor kitchen. The fire pit is a focal point, as is the kitchen, so place them facing each other with space to eat and rest in the middle. If your patio has the shape of a rectangle adjacent to your home, build an L-shaped kitchen along an outside corner and place the fire pit in the opposite outer corner.

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The dining room can be on the patio, near the kitchen, with additional seating around the campfire. Fill in the perimeter of your patio backyard with potted plants and bench seating or patio swing.  Fill the perimeter of your backyard with plants and bench seats or a porch swing fire pit.

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