DIY Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds

May 23rd
White Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds
White Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds

Fireplace mantels and surrounds – A mantel surrounding the fireplace, or one shelf above the opening, serves a variety of purposes – primarily decorative. The mantel itself can show a unique design to match the decor of the room or can be simple and built to house ornaments. In either case, a wooden shelf is easy to construct and requires only a few steps to attach it over your fireplace.

Preparation to DIY fireplace mantels and surrounds, before starting the construction of the mantelpiece, checks the location around your fireplace to determine how you are connecting to the wall. The structure around the fireplace can help conclude whether you can place a single wooden shelf above the fireplace or must surround the opening with a wooden frame of the fireplace. A fireplace surrounded by brick or stone look awkward with a wooden frame and forces you to choose a single platform, but a fireplace with drywall only gives you the freedom to add a rack or shelf full frame.

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To Construction of chimneys, you only need a single plank of wood for a fireplace mantels and surrounds and wooden slats for a shelf frame. Shelf for both should be the length of the chimney or extend beyond. The platform can be a simple piece of wood or decorative elements. Two thick brackets attached to the rack platform project alone will help sustain the shelf to the wall. You can sand the deck and paint or stain, but it is best to do this before installing it on the wall.

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