Burning Wood Stove Fireplace Insert

Jul 3rd
Wood Stove Fireplace Insert Style
Wood Stove Fireplace Insert Style

Slightly older stoves (cast iron stoves) is usually only built up in one layer. Side plates around the actual furnace (combustion chamber) is the only thing that separates the firewood from the surrounding area. When the wood stove fireplace insert is built up in only one layer, it becomes fairly quickly warm. It can even be scorching on the outside. The heat rays out and heater especially space close to the furnace up. The oven is not so good to distribute heat in the room.

Today almost all wood stove fireplace insert built after convection heating principle. Convection ovens are built up of several layers of iron. They have a mantle of iron without the combustion chamber. Between the two layers of iron is there channels, where the hot air can circulate. When the stove gets hot, transferred the heat from the Firebox to the air in the ducts, and as warm air rises, cold air is sucked completely automatically into the bottom of the oven. It is what is called convection.

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Convection sets the air in motion, and will then have the heat to distribute weight more evenly in the room. Convection ovens are usually not so hot on the surface as heating wood stove fireplace insert, and therefore one can usually furnish closer to convection ovens. During combustion makes a distinction between two ways to add oxygen to the combustion at-primary air and secondary air. Primary air is added under the wood and is only used during lighting the grill.

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