Bookcase Minecraft Best in Home

Oct 30th
Minecraft Bookcase Best in Home  soft
Minecraft Bookcase Best in Home soft

In Mine craft, you can love spades, picks, bows, blades, armor and some table axes using incantations. However, the type of enchantment you get is designed to be completely random.  Of paper on a desk. Incantations around the table with libraries. The libraries are made by placing three wooden blocks on the bottom, 3 books in the middle and again three wooden blocks on – Bookcase Minecraft.

The glyphs float from the books to the bookcase minecraft  in home table, which will increase the power of your spells. The libraries must be located two blocks away from the table spells and be level or be higher this block. Make sure there is absolutely nothing between the libraries and the table. For example, snow may block the effect of books. If you need a lowlevel spell, put a torch between libraries and incantations table. This will block the effects of higher level spells. If you want to reuse the highest level spells, just throw the torch. It is only necessary to use 15 libraries to improve your spells. No enchant armor and weapons of gold.

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These objects have a better chance bookcase minecraft in home of getting higher level spells reinforcing rods or diamond. However, it is considered a waste of levels enchant any material that is weaker than gold, as they have a low durability. Therefore, it is advisable only enchant equipment iron and diamond. If you’re going to generate spells between levels 1 and 10, choose one of level 1 instead of the highest level. The difference between levels 1 and 10 is negligible. You save EXP to choose the level 1, while similar spells to get level

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