Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Standing Electric Fireplace

May 28th
Stovax Free Standing Electric Fireplace
Stovax Free Standing Electric Fireplace

Free standing electric fireplace – Although the sealed combustion system is relatively easy to assemble, link up requires the fire to the electric system, and its mounting on an outer wall – which will be perforated in order to mount the expulsion tube of combustion electrics.

Installing a free standing electric fireplace (with sealed combustion) has significant upfront costs. It is by far the most expensive option, from the decorative fireplaces, although operational costs may be lower than the electric decorative fireplaces or ethanol / gel. Still on the side of disadvantages, it must be borne in mind that imitation flames and recreating the environment of fireplaces burning, is not in most cases truly convincing. There are good and bad imitations, but deep down are just imitations.

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Moreover, there is the possibility of the free standing electric fireplace function as a heating source, which can be considerable advantage. That is, the gas fireplaces can have a good output (much larger than the other fireplaces) and can be very more than just decorative fireplaces. They may – if suitably dimensioned – effectively and quickly heat a room, or even more than one division. In this case the gas fireplace can function as an ordinary heater Gas wall – an option to consider in moderate climates like the Portuguese or the south of Brazil, and in climates with heating episodic needs.

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